My little indulgence is a leisurely bath I have every day.
When we were redesigning our bathroom, Hubbie requested an extra-large bath tub. So, the largest possible bath tub we could afford space-wise was installed and I have been enjoying soaking in it ever since.

Another pleasure associated with my bath time is reading magazines while relaxing in a warm water. I read anything, anything like Grazia, Time Out, The Spectator, The Economist, ES Magazine…etc. The only criteria for my bath time reading is a magazine has to be light. Yes, physically light (not intellectually). I have to hold it up above water. So for example, a copy of Vogue is too taxing for my wrists.
Anyway, I was reading a Guardian Weekend supplement during my leisurely float last night…


“The wisdom of Kim Kardashian” was very entertaining.
No, I was not being ironic. Even though I had no E! Channel, therefore I knew very little about ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, I was intrigued to learn about this woman and her family who seemed to be an epitome of self-promotion in extreme. They reminded me a dandelion growing through pavement stones. The hardy weed keeps on coming back & looking up towards the sun no matter how often it is trampled. I had no reverence nor contempt to her and her clan (or should I say ‘klan’) though. They are just one of those phenomenons of our modern society, aren’t they?

Another content I enjoyed was “No regrets (except the Milan jacket)”.


It was heartwarming to know that even industry experts makes a cringe-inducing blunder in their life.
I tend to buy something I regret when I am under pressure. Like, in the shoes department at Harrods on the first day of their famous sale, being hot & frustrated amongst another bargain hunters, my judgement is temporarily impaired and I end up buying pairs which are screaming ‘I am last season’s!’…

By the way, another indulgence for me is a plate full of salad at every lunchtime…


However, while I am busy dicing & chopping vegetables, I feel like being a zookeeper, preparing food for my charge…

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