Turkish feast @ Taz, The Cut

Weatherwise, it was another glorious weekend, wasn’t it?
Letizia, Hubbie & me, sitting by the Thames at Royal Festival Hall, mused how pleasant this September turned out to be so far. The pale blue sky was decorated with salmon pink-tinted wispy clouds. There was little wind.
I hadn’t been to South Bank for many years as I actively avoided any place tended to be saturated with tourists. Therefore, the extensive transformation & commercialization of the area was an eye opener for me. So many outlets, though mainly eateries, were attracting tons of customers. Now I know, what I’ve been missing…

Nursing bottles of lemonade, we tried in vain to capture a magical moment of the sunset, just before it disappeared…


You may be wondering why we were sitting at RFH then?
We were waiting for Fei, who organized a dinner for four of us at Taz the Turkish restaurant. She was running late because the tube line she intended to travel with was suspended. Poor Fei had to make her journey by bus which was agonizingly slow.
In the meantime, a whiff of cooking smell from the BBQ stall nearby tormented our empty stomachs constantly. we were moaning and salivating over the thought of our impending feast.
Eventually, a breathless Fei was materialized and we all quick marched towards the restaurant…


Mmmm… Finally, we are here!
A bottle of Chardonnay from Argentina was brought to our table. And we nibbled a basket of warm breads & a plate of olives. We delegated Fei to choose foods for us since she had been here numerous times.


This is Maydanoz Salatasi (Chopped parsley salad of tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, olive oil & lemon juice).


On the left is Borek (Filo pastry filled with feta cheese & spinach). The right is Zeytin Yagli Bakla (Broad beans cooked in olive oil with red & greed peppers, corriender and garlic). I particularly liked the pastry. The crust was very fluffy…


On the right is Patlican Biber Kizartima (Fried aubergines and pepper served with tomato sauce and yogurt). On the left is deep-fried whitebaits with mayo – I am sorry but I don’t know the Turkish name…


For main, I had Kofte. It was served with salad & rice. The meat was well-seasoned and very tasty…


Hubbie had lamb shank. I tasted it a little and found it delicious…


Letizia had fish because she had a terrible migraine during the day…


And Fei had steak…


After our stomachs being comfortable filled, we could crack a broad smile or two…


Sadly, we had no room left for dessert so had just tea & coffee.
On our way home, we found Southwark Station was closed due to maintenance work on Jubilee Line. This is the problem with going out on weekend, isn’t it?…

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