Sauntering @ the City

My nose is stuffy since yesterday.
It must be to do with a temperature which has dropped significantly since weekend.
My duvet should be replaced with a thicker one soon. Mmmm… It will be so nice to snuggle up in a warm fluffy duvet, won’t it? One of joys I look forward to during a colder season…

Mr.B & I went near the Monument by London Bridge yesterday.
We caught a No.43 bus on City Road.


With my beloved Church’s Burwood today.
Anticipating a long walk on our way home…


During the bus ride, we struck a conversation with a fellow passenger. We heartily agreed how much we enjoyed living in the midst of city. Any amount of fluffy sheeps or honey coloured stone cottages or shining green meadows could never substitute stimulations I savour in this city. I have to be here to thrive…

So this is the Monument, the place where Great Fire of London had started…


A flaming urn in gold decorates the top of the column. It was simmering in the afternoon sun.

We shopped at House of Fraser London City and headed home.
Are you ready for a walk, Mr.B?


Mr.B & I strolled down the streets while suits-cladded city workers overtaking us with much brisker gaits.
At M&S at Finsbury Pavement, I found a cute cap which I fell in love at first sight. Despite being size S/M, it was way too large for me. Still, I was really smitten and determined to do whatever I could to alter the cap…

Ta Dah! A navy blue felt cap. How do you find it?


I had to nip the back of the cap as well as to stitch a piece of elastic band to shorten the circumference of the rim. During the operation, I managed to stab my finger with a needle more than a few times. Oh, I loathed sewing!

The fruit of my labour!


I was mightily pleased with the result (^-^)

In the meantime, Mr.B was crashing out on the rug, using a toy as a pillow…


Sorry to disturb you. The click of my iPhone alarted him…


Don’t look at me so accusingly. I thought you looked sweet…

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