Fête @ Queens Park

Last weekend, I was at Queens Park Fair with my friend Alex and her beautiful son.
It was cloudy with a bit of wind. Not entirely ideal for visiting a fair. Still, I put on a leather jacket and headed to the tube.
Alex picked me up at Westbourne Park, and we drove to the park.

It was around noon, and stalls were already up & running.
The stalls, mainly offering cakes & biscuits or promoting causes (such as after school courses for children, charities, fitness classes for adult…etc), were lining the footpath…


I skipped breakfast that morning. Therefore, looking at all those cakes & cookies and walking away from them was like a torture. If they offered coffee or tea with it, I would have bought a couple in no time. Why didn’t they?

Alex’s son was 5 years old and liked to collect twigs. I must have had some fixation when I was a kid. Couldn’t remember what fascinated me though. We walked up the path while he was vetting his twigs very seriously…


We found donkeys!
They were groomed before being tacked up. Oh, I love donkeys! They are sooooo cute. Especially, their fluffy ears. I wanted to give them a cuddle so much…


A little shop by the tree. So sweet, don’t you find?
How about some cups & saucers decorated with pigeon motif? Mmmm… Pigeon is probably hovering in a bottom group of my “Most favourite creature on earth” list. They are just everywhere in London, aren’t they? Most of them look dirty & wretched.
Still, I found the ceramics rather charming. Instead of employing easy motifs (like rabbit or raspberry or anything sweet & boring), the artist used pigeon as her (or his) inspiration. I found it cool. Don’t you agree?


After a brief stop at the park cafe for a quick bite of pain au chocolat & latte, we headed towards an area with fair rides. I could see bouncy castles bobbing up & down with excited youngsters inside…


Her son was a little intimidated by more energetic peers. So, we decided to ride a tea-cup together. When did I ride a tea-cup last time? Maybe a good few decades ago?
As soon as the ride commenced, I remembered that I shared two bottles of Chardonnay with three others previous night. Slow spinning of the device was much more effective to induce a nausea than a roller coaster, I found…


We were smiling but we weren’t really…

After I stumbled out of the ride, swearing that I would never go near any fair ride in future, we headed back towards the stalls area. Alex was busy on a phone, trying to locate her friends and their son.
We managed to rendezvous with them near the donkey ride and chatted at the play area while two boys played together. It was interesting to observe those boys interacting with each other. They were like an atom with same charge. Obviously, they were best friends and enjoying the company. Yet, if they got too close, they pushed each other away. I remember that I used to fight with my sister every single day when we were small. She was my BBF. Still, it was not easy to hang out in harmony all the time. Oh well, that’s kids for you.

The boys got hungry and so did we. We folded up Alex’s picnic blanket and walked to the area with food stalls. A smell of BBQ, it is so seductive. The whiff was too tempting to ignore. So, most of us ended up queuing for a venison burger…


Only a few people were ahead of us when we joined the queue. Then, next time I glanced back, I found the queue grew much longer! It’s an interesting human psychology that we tend to get attracted to the things which seems to be popular amongst others.
Anyway, standing by the grill while the burgers being cooked was not an entirely pleasant experience. Way too much smoke for my liking, I must say…


This was what I queued and was smoked for. I found it tasty since I was really hungry.


Then, I discovered that I had a lucky escape.
Alex texted me that she found herself so sick next day. She reckoned that the culprit must have been the burger. Apparently, her friend who had the same was also ill. I distinctively remembered that my burger was throughly cooked while the others’ were pink in the middle. The burgers were handed out to the diners indiscriminately. Therefore, I could have been given any undercooked one by chance! OMG…

By the time I bade goodbye, the fair was in full swing…


It was fun to walk around the fair. Even though not a natural fair-goer, I enjoyed the atmosphere very much. Thank you for inviting me, Alex (^-^)

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