Catching up @ Maison Bertaux, Soho

My heart sinks every time someone suggests to meet up at a pub.
Don’t take me wrong. I do visit pubs. And I have my own favourite pubs too.
However, I prefer to meet over tea & cake, rather than for a pint.
Especially, with my girl friends, meeting up at a pub just doesn’t sound very enticing…

Anyway, when Becca suggested if we could catch up at somewhere in West End, I invited her to Maison Bertaux with no hesitation.
Maison Bertaux is a gem of Soho. I have been enjoying their cakes for nearly 20 years…


I love Maison Bertaux.
While others, such as Patisserie Valerie, who decided to expand as a chain and as a result of that, lost most of the character & quality which made them outstanding in the first place. However, Maison Bertaux, a legend of Soho, has been upholding their tradition diligently and faithfully as long as I’ve known them. They are an institution. I don’t want them to change, EVER!

It was almost dinner time. So we ordered a slice of savoury thingies to share…


The cheese topping was crispy without being tough and the crust was so fluffy and melted in our mouth like a dream.

Becca ordered a slice of plum-cake and I had a fruit eclair, my firm favourite…


It was her first time at Maison Bertaux.
She pledged that she would definitely bring her beau next time. I am sure he will love here too!

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