One extra egg @ Shepherdess Cafe

It’s wet, wet, wet…. in London.
A featureless grey sky spreads above us today. I don’t know how long this weather system gonna hang around. Let’s hope it’s not gonna over-stay our welcome (Well, we always need a few rains, don’t we? Let’s not be too mean…), like it ruined our May & June.

Anyway, Hubbie & I were at our local greasy spoon, the Shepherdess for weekend lunch.
We managed to get a table by the window. Much cozier…


The cafe was really busy then. And only one waitress was looking after all of us. She was running between the tables to the kitchen with mugs & plates. And the poor girl’s frustration was edged on her forehead.
Eventually, she found a moment to take our order. Two mug of tea were delivered to our table swiftly and we rubbed our hands and waited for our food…


Horay! When they brought our usual to the table, we discovered they put an extra egg on our toasts.
3 for the price of 2…(^-^)


What a bargain. And a few chips on the side too.
For the past few weeks, they stopped garnishing plates with chips. And we were saddened by that.
We didn’t want a whole plate of chips because it would be too much. Still, a few chips with egg was so enjoyable. We missed it badly.

Dunking the chip in the soft egg york…


Ahhhh… What is a joy if this is not the one!
Hubbie shared his sausage with me. Mmmm… A good man.

Since this was lunch not breakfast, we decided to share a dessert too.
A slice of apple pie with custard. & another mug of fresh tea, of course…


Mmmm… An apple pie covered with warm custard.
I reckon this is the best remedy for anyone who is feeling blue…


While we were busy sticking our spoons into the pie, a bunch of police officers came in.
By the way, Shepherdess Police Station was right next door to the cafe…


Is that a hand cuff?
I could take a pretty good look of police equipments while they were waiting for their orders. One thing I noticed was their shoes. They were all black but had subtle variations. Especially the soles were all different. Do they have a S/S or A/W 2012 business in police uniforms too? Like in their material department? Such as GORETEX or Drifit, that’s sort of stuff. I can imagine the comfort is the most important criteria for them. Since they do all sort of things in them, don’t they? Mmmm… I am very intrigued…

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