Eurostar @ St Pancras International

I just popped in at St Pancras International, picking up my Eurostar tickets.
My reservation was made online. However, I had a few preferences when it came to a journey by train – such as, preferring my seats to face the direction of travel, wanting my carriage to be next to a buffet car and liking to sit by the window…etc. A lovely customer service staff solved all my whims and sent me out with a cheerful “Bon voyage!”

I shall be back on 5th in very very early hours (5am!)…


The purpose of my trip to Paris is to have a meeting with another French knitwear designer who I may collaborate with for A/W 2013. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
And also, I will be meeting my friends in Paris, eating nice foods, shopping… I can hardly wait!

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