To make you happy…

I like a word “drizzle” in culinary term, such as “lemon drizzle cake” or “drizzled with olive oil…”, but not in meteorological term. I was caught up in this fine misty irksome rain while I was out and about today. As the result, I feel damp from my neck down. Yes, I did heed today’s weather forecast. As some precipitation was predicted, I duly packed a folding umbrella in my Vanessa Bruno leather tote. Still, that pesky drizzle, it was like an endless spray of water with no gravity. It drifted in the air, 360 degree angle. Apart from my head & face being sheltered by my brolly, the rest of my body was damp & clammy like after standing in a spray tan booth (not that I have ever been in one though, I just imagine it). Ugh!

The reason why I went out today was because Mr.B looked bored…


He was resting his chin on Mr.Hedgehog and gazing at a distance.
I have my studio at home therefore Mr.B is never alone. However, I feel guilty if Mr.B appears bored.

Since the weather seemed OK for the time being despite the forecast, I decided to go out with him.
Our first stop was at Minamoto Kitchoan at Piccadilly, buying Tokoyo


Rinds of Yuzu (fragrant Japanese citrus fruit) are thinly sliced and marinated in sugary syrup.
They are like orangette sans chocolate coating.

Then, Mr.B and I walked up Old Bond Street towards Oxford Street.
Around Louis Vuitton, rain drops started to tap on us. And it became so persistent by when we reached Fenwicks. Reluctantly, I decided to put up an umbrella and to carry Mr.B in a carrier.
After running errands at John Lewis, we went to Topman at Oxford Circus for a break…


I had a Victoria sponge slice & decaf skinny latte, pledging myself that I would fix a salad when I got home.

Mr.B was in the carrier, taking a nap…


Don’t worry, people! The carrier has ventilation mesh panels on both ends. Therefore Mr.B will not suffocate even if the zip is closed fully!!

After coming home, I did make a salad for myself…


I feel really weird if I don’t eat like this at least once a day.
With this plentiful intake of fresh vegs & fruits in my daily diet, will I get a top mark from The Food Hospital on Channel 4?

By the way, Mr.B seems to be satisfied with our fleeting trip to West End. Even though his walk was cut short because of the rain, the sight & smell of outside world spiced up his otherwise tranquil life. Well, I hope so, anyway…

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