In bed (with a box of Kleenex)

Ugh! I must have picked up some germ at Royal Opera House!!
I have been suffering from sore throat & stuffed nose since yesterday morning.
It is so infuriating that I have succumbed to this pesky shi**y virus just before I am leaving to Paris this Friday. The cold must go by Thursday evening. It is an ORDER!

So eating some hot food and taking to my bed was the best cold remedy, I thought. I duly prepared a bowl of soup and tucked myself in bed. It is so boring to be sick, isn’t it? I really loathe it. I feel like being left light years behind from the rest of world.
Out of sheer boredom, I scanned iBook store and ended up downloading “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen…


The book is an extremely easy read. Most of the time, the pace of the story unfolding page after page makes the book unputdownable (the part when he was describing his specially calibrated ‘hot’ weapon was a bore since I didn’t know much about firearms). So far, I’ve found the book as a tale of gung-ho guys with a super human stamina & a zest for adventure.
Like any existing memoirs by ex special forces soldiers, this book does not reveal any sensitive information. The information such as how our modern day’s intelligence harvesting works, or how many blunders have occurred so far by misinformation which costed human lives…etc. I suppose any information which makes it on to the pages of the books targeting a mass market are not sensitive at all. There must be a bunch of lawyers with a blue marker who are ready to cross out any details which may embarrass or incriminate the past & present governments before the manuscript even makes it to the printer.
However, the point the author, Mark Owen, argues is that the story released by the Obama administration regarding the killing of Osama Bin Ladin is inaccurate, is very intriguing. I remembered watching his interview on TV prior to the release of the book. He did not divulge what was the discrepancy between his recollection and the government’s. Obviously, he wants us to buy his book and to find out by ourselves. Therefore, once I finish my porridge, I am gonna retreat to  my warm bed with Mr.B & a hot water bottle and carry on reading the book in order to find out what the fuss is all about…

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