Frankenweenie @ Odeon, Leicester Square

Last sunday, I was given a rare opportunity to attend a crew’s premier of Frankenweenie, a new animation film by Tim Burton. My chum Letizia’s husband, Peter, was working on the film as a cinematographer and he invited me, Fei and a few of his pals. I was so excited because Tim Burton was definitely one of my favourite directors.

The premier was from 10AM so we decided to meet up at 9:15.
An excitement in front of the Odeon was palpable…


For the crew, it was the first time to get together since the filming was wrapped in March. Their animated chatters mixed with lots of hugging and shoulder-patting resembled a happy school reunion.
Around 9:45, we entered the cinema, picking up a pair of 3D glasses at the entrance.
Then guess who I met?…

Mr.Tim Burton himself!
He looked rather tired but very smiley and friendly.

Once we settled down in our seats, he and the producer came on a stage.

The speech, especially by the producer was very emotional and moving.
For 2 years they were working on the project. And it finally made it to a silver screen. Very well done to them and their dedicated crew.
The film itself was absolutely wonderful. I was gripped from the beginning to the end. I mustn’t divulge too much as I don’t want to spoil the fun for others. However, I shed a tear or two at the climax…

All happy after the premier…

After the film, we all realised how hungry we were so we headed to the nearby The National Cafe in National Gallery.

I had their fish of the day…

The fish was flavoursome and succulent. The grilled potatoes were laid out on a bed of puree (I wasn’t sure what it was though) and it was seasoned just right, no less or too much. I enjoyed every mouthful.

After lunch, we briefly joined the crew for another drink.
Then, Letizia, Fei & I decided to leave Peter to hang out with his chums and to have tea & cake.
We wandered through very crowded Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and ended up in Fortnum & Mason. Eventually, we managed to get a table at The Parlour on the first floor.

Fei & Letizia. They looked buoyant with a thought of eating cake very shortly…

Oh, I love Letizia’s silk blouse! The print is so cool. A bird with a gun. I know it’s so inappropriate & so cool. Unfortunately, the blouse is the last season’s and no longer available. So sad…

Comparing what they were wearing, I was with a plain grey Topshop T-shirt. I wish if I made more of an effort…

Then, what we all were waiting for had arrived to our table. Cakes!
Mine was a piece of Black Forest gâteau. It was a massive serving and I couldn’t finish it…

At 3:30PM I had to abandon a bubbly company of the ladies and to scurry towards Regent Park since I promised Hubbie that I would accompany him to the Frieze Art Fair.
Phew, a very busy but wonderfully fulfilling day it was!! Thank you all XX

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