Fox & Anchor @ Smithfield

The weather has changed, most definitely.
I went out to buy buttons from my favourite haberdashery in West End this afternoon. And the chilliness in the air was pretty invigorating. Yap, I don’t mind cold weather as long as it is not windy or wet. I love being able to put my arms through my treasured cashmere jackets & wool coats. I also love my leather gloves & fluffy warm scarves.
Mmmmmmm…how glamourous…

Anyway, my friend Alex, Hubbie & I had a sumptuous dinner at The Fox & Anchor in Smithfield.
They are a pub as well as a boutique hotel. In theory, you can crash out on their plush four-poster bed if you are too plastered to climb into a cab. However, the bill which will be presented the next day may leave you with more than just a hangover…

The dining area was right next to the bar and rather cramped…


We knew that their portion would tend to be always on the generous side. So, we decided to share starters instead of ordering them one each.
“Foxes” scotch egg & curried mayo…


They were served piping hot. I normally don’t eat scotch egg or pork pie sort of nibbles due to their rather unhealthy image – high in salt & saturated fat…etc. However, this scotch egg was very tasty & moreish.

We also ordered mussels in Cornish cider cream…


The mussels were plump and the sauce was rich & buttery. Mmmm…it was yum.

Then, here came our main course.
Hubbie ordered fish & chips. He is very predictable when it comes to ordering food. Nine out of ten occasions, he orders fish & chips…


It came with mushy pea. At least, he doesn’t eat his fish & chips with ketchup. Thank god…

My main was beef & ale pie. I also ordered some chips & pea with bacon.
Alex had steak & chips…


The crust was crispy and buttery. And the stew was wholesome & warming. The meat was so tender. It just melted in my mouth…

Then, here came a dessert time!
I couldn’t walk away without eating their Eton mess…


What a pretty sight to behold!
So pink & so girly. I find Eton mess so comforting. So bland yet so moreish…
Hubbie invaded my pudding with his teaspoon time to time. I thought you were on diet, darling?

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