Candy by Robbie Williams

Do you remember the day I & Mr.B encountered filming at Spitalfield?
Recently, my friend’s flat was used for Tulisa’s new music video, which reminded me the event in August.
By the way, there is a scene which Tulisa sings on the rooftop overlooking the London skyline. However, on the very day of filming, a guy threw himself from the rooftop and died. The police duly closed off the area for a forensic investigation and the crew had to find an alternative site very quickly. OMG.

Anyway, this is the video they were filming at Spitalfield…


For some unknown reason, the video doesn’t load…why? If the same thing happens to you too, please watch it via this link.
The woman in the video vaguely, just vaguely resemble Kristine Stewart, don’t you agree?

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