Skyfall @ The Barbican

Hubbie nudged me, “Do you have a pound?”
Of course, here you are.
Oh, he wanted to buy a poppy. I must buy mine too. These poppies on sale is another reminder that winter is fast approaching…


Anyway, hubbie & I decided to have our Sunday lunch at The Barbican today.


I had cold poached trout & three salads…


And Hubbie had pumpkin risotto with pommes dauphine…


When I compared my plate with his, a pang of regret gave me a real body blow. His nosh was so much more in tune with this cold weather. I should have forgotten about a “5 a day” nonsense and gone for some stodgy dishes laden with comforting carbs. Bu**er!
To be 100% honest, the foods at The Barbican, it doesn’t have a good track record in my book. The last time I had their roast chicken and found it very dry & flavourless.
So, how did their cold platter perform this time? 4/10, I am afraid. The salad was under seasoned and devoid of any flavour. The butternut squash was very under cooked and tough. It should have been roasted properly in order to bring out its sweetness. I could imagine that they didn’t want the pieces to be too soft as it would have to be dressed & mixed. Still, what is the point of a pretty presentation if the result was only going to be tasteless & tough to eat?
Anyway, I only chose the salad because I didn’t want those bread crumbs & pommes dauphine to deposit themselves on my hip & thighs. What a pain to be a woman…

Our true reason to be at The Barbican this afternoon was to watch a new Bond film Skyfall.
The film was just released last Thursday and I was dying to see it…


How did I find it?
It was brilliant! All the elements of the classic Bond film were there.
As a child, I used to find many of the Bond films rather kitsch and unconvincing. And the past Bonds, especially Roger Moore, they were too much of a ladies man. ‘Oh James!’, every time Bond Girls gushed with their misty eyes, it definitely induced me to cringe, I remembered…
However this Bond, he was less of martini and more of bullets & punches. And all those action scenes! It was gripping from the beginning to the end.
Well, I mustn’t reveal too much, must I? Anyway, it was very entertaining & highly recommendable. Daniel Craig is not my pin-up kind of guy. Still, his just about right amount of swaggering makes him a very good James Bond.

After the film, we had another latte & cake at the cafe.


A slice of red velvet cake for me & carrot cake for him.


I was always curious about this red sponge which I encountered a few times in the States however never had any opportunity to sample it.
Mmmm… It was very sweet. The frosting on the top was also very sugary. I don’t dislike it as a cake. However, my disappointment was not finding any particular flavour in the sponge. What coloured the sponge was still mystery to me…

I must admit that I do like Barbican Centre.


The same as Royal Festival Hall, it has a groovy kind of retro vibe through out.


And I find it rather cozy & charming…

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