Apple pie & custard @ Shepherdess Cafe

I have been busy with knitting all week.
Now, I am infected with cold (>.<)
Oh dear, I can not be falling ill since my trip to Paris (again) is imminent.
On Wednesday, I will have to catch Eurostar at insanely and cruelly early 5:45AM!

Anyway, Hubbie & I had a leisurely brunch at Shepherdess this morning…


Our customary fry up.
We share one sausage amongst us. It is not because of a financial reason but for our health…


Because of my cold, I needed something to soothe my rather cranky mood.
So Hubbie suggested a secret weapon…


A slice of apple pie submerging in a pool of piping hot custard.
Who can say no to that?


A spoonful of warmth for a winter’s day!
I always end up burning my mouth by being too eager…


Now, I shall cuddle up to my hot water bottle and be buried beneath a thick fluffy duvet…

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