Slurrrrpy lunch @ Itsu, Broadgate

Don’t I have anything else to write about other than my daily (rather boring) nosh?
I was going to blog about my new project – a knitwear collection for men.
However, a designer who I am collaborating with has specifically forbidden me to do so. Therefore, I have nothing else to blog about other than my mundane life. Well, at least until the mid January, I am gagged. Once all this secrecy is over, I will share all my journey and experience with bloggers and readers a like…

Anyway, Itsu is one of London’s fast food outlets I frequent when I am up & about in Central London.
You may realise by now that I am not a food snob. I am not a gourmet or a wannabe restaurant critic. As long as I have a dining experience which suits my requirement then, I am happy.
At Itsu, I normally go for a bowl of noodle. LIke their vegetable dumpling udon noodle…


I know, I know, this is not an authentic Japanese noodle.
Any sane Japanese chef wouldn’t ever dream of putting dumpling and udon in miso based soup with pumpkin seeds on top. This bowl is a definite hybrid created by non-Oriental. However, I kind of appreciate these hybrids since I am not a culinary purist. As long as it is tasty, I am just happy to slurp.
One time when I suggested my companion a quick bite at Itsu, she made such a face which shocked me.
She exclaimed “You must be kidding me!” with her eyes rolling skyward. Then, we ended up eating sandwich at EAT…
Everyone knows (well, almost) that the sushi made by a proper sushi chef at a Japanese restaurant will far surpass the counterpart at Itsu. However, Itsu’s offering fits the bill perfectly if I am alone & running errands in the city. Their sushi and noodle are perfect low-fat alternatives to more conventional sandwiches.
Some food fascists may very much frown upon all those newcomers and usurpers as they perceive them as an invaders to their tradition. Still, even if they approve it or not, the world changes and so are our stomachs…

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