Le Pain Quotidien @ Tottenham Court Road

Oh well, I am off to Paris tomorrow.
My Eurostar will be departing from St Pancras at an eye-watering early hour of 05:45!
I would have liked it infinitely more if my collaborator and his girlfriend coming to London than me, having to drag myself (& my wheelie case) to Paris. Apparently, a pair of Eurostar returns was prohibitively expensive (it was well over 800 euro). So instead, he offered to pay my rail fare. And the cheapest return was leaving from both ends the earliest and the last… Bu**er.
We could have had a meeting via Skype as a last resort. However, I wanted him to check an actual garment – feeling the texture, trying for the fit…etc.
Anyway, I will take it easy today and recharge myself for a punishing day tomorrow…

I have a few food outlets I frequent in London. And Le Pain Quotidien is one of them.
One cold & wet Sunday evening, Hubbie & I had an early dinner at their Tottenham Court Road branch…


We had a successful mission at Heal’s that evening.
A pile of new cups & dishes we found in there brightened up our kitchen cupboard! (^-^)
The same pleasure is eyeing those pretty looking cakes in their display case, don’t you agree?

I ordered Organic Quinoa & Roasted Vegetables with artichokes, courgettes and aubergine & tomato


Didn’t fancy any meat or fish. I just wanted some simple dish.
It was free from any sauce or spice. However, oven-cooking brought out the sweetness of the vegetables. It was very tasty and soothing.

Hubbie ordered Herb crusted Sea Bass with olive risotto, roasted tomatoes and green asparagus


It looks delicious, doesn’t it? I must try it next time. I like fish with rice than with potato.
Hubbie offered me some risotto to taste and I really liked it too. Mmmm…

Then, a time for satisfying my craving for sugar. Since the weather outside was so miserable. We needed something colourful to cheer ourselves up.
Ta-dah! My Pavlova with berries & cream


The same about Eton mess, I loved the combination of meringue, berries and cream.
It was so bland yet so moreish. This kind of particular blandness was so comforting. I could eat it forever…
Hubbie was really taken by it too. It was very hard to fend off his probing fork.
‘Keep hands off from my dessert! You have your own, don’t you?’
Well, he ordered one of those “breakfast type” dessert, Granola Parfait with organic yogurt & fresh fruits…*sigh*


Why? Why? WHY?
I don’t really understand him when it comes to his choice of sweets in general. Why does he choose a flapjacks when a selection of gorgeous looking cakes are available? Does he do so because he is more conscientious about his health? Since he nicks my full-fat cake at every opportunity, it really doesn’t ring true, does it? And on contrary, I am never tempted to sample his fibre laden desserts ever. Oh well, may be it is his crafty tactics for keeping all of his dessert to himself…

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