Chichi & me @ 202, Westbourne Grove

My friend, Tina, got a chihuahua puppy recently.
Until recently, going out with him (yes, Chichi is a boy) was out of bound because he was not fully immunized yet.
So Tina invited me for lunch with Chichi at 202 on Westbourne Grove, I was thrilled.

Look who I is on my lap!


Tina let me have Chichi with me while we had lunch.
He was a very well-behaved puppy. The size of him reminded me about Mr.B when he was small…

Ahhhh… He fell asleep on my lap…


“Happiness is a warm puppy”, a famous saying of Charles M. Schulz, the author of Snoopy, the Peanuts. Yes, nothing can rival the happiness of holding a sleepy puppy. I have to agree with Mr.Schulz wholeheartedly…

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