Monster mille-feuille @ Diner Electric Bar, Portbello Road

I am standing in a mile long queue at Topshop’s customer service.
Well, about the length of queue, it’s metaphorically I mean. About 25 girls are standing ahead of me. Is this all to do with the last-minute Xmas shopping frenzy? I don’t know. Anyway, I bought a pair of insanely high-heeled ankle breakers out of sheer boredom one day at their web store. The heels were eagerly tried at home and it beaten me soundly. I realised that the height I could handle comfortably with dignity was 4 inches, no higher. Otherwise, I would end up looking like a chick just hatched from the egg…
Anyone who has actually navigated through the pavements of London knows how hazardous it can be. A numerous pot poles and relentlessly uneven surfaces can catch you any moment if your attention astray from where you put the next step. Your heel could be stuck between pavement stones (it actually happened on me once) or worse, you could stumble and land on your knees or a**.
After careful consideration, I’ve decided to return these “trestles” because I don’t want to end up in A&E during this festive season…

Anyway, Letizia and her darling Peter invited us for drink at Electric Bar/Restaurant in Notting Hill on one Saturday evening. So Paul & I swung by with our brand new car after shopping at Whole Foods on Kensington High Street.

I forgot take a pic of delicious salad I had. It was amazing. “Raw vegetable, apple, blue cheese, walnuts salad”, it was.
The mixture of celery, radish, coriander, onion, apple…etc were finely chopped, plus crumbs of Roquefort and walnuts were added. Then, it was dressed exquisitely. Oh my! It was a lip smacker! Next time, I will take a photo of it for sure.

Since my main course was a virtuous salad only, I thought that I should be allowed to indulge myself with a dessert.
My index finger trailed their menu for a while, hovering between berry tart with lemon card and mille-feuille. Mmmmm… I haven’t had mille-feuille for ages. So I decided to have the latter.
The waiter who took our order informed me that the pastry would be served with chocolate sauce. I rubbed my hands with glee and waited for a guilt-free pleasure.
Then, it arrived and my jaw dropped…


Look at the size of my dessert!
I was stunned and left momentarily speechless.
Luckily, the pastry was airy and light. However, I found the cream which layered between the crusts was way too sweet for my liking.
I couldn’t quite pinpoint what that cream was. But it tasted like “Carnation” condensed milk??? Anyway, I wished if the kitchen used the sugar less liberally.
To make the matter worse, Hubbie who was ever so attentive when especially it involved foods, decided to pour a small pitcher of chocolate sauce over the mille-feuille.
Thank you, my love. It was another nail on the coffin…

I will definitely visit at Electric Diner in future. But not for that monster mille-feuille. That is for sure…

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