Tea & cake @ Corinthia, Northhumberland Avenue

My Korean friend, Sabrina, invited me to the first BKWS (British Korean Women’s Society) meeting at Korean Cultural Centre on Northhumberland Avenue.
So I asked Fei to come along with me.
We were treated with a mini concert of Korean harp. It looked and sounded very much like a Japanese “Koto” harp…


After a few speeches from the committee members and hearty hand clapping, we moved on to the main hall and nibbled on their delicious 
Korean buffet.

Fei brought a few sample from her latest sunglasses collection. So I tried them on.
Mmmmmmm… I really want this pair…


So was my friend, Sabrina…


Even though the design is on rather outlandish side, this  frame looks great on almost every wearer. A clever design.

The meeting dispersed around 9 o’clock. So Fei and I crossed the street and had tea & cake at Corinthia.
I loved their decor, especially their chandelier. It’s so simple, modern and spectacular…


One of the benefits of having tea at hotel is you can eat cake anytime of the day (or night). A staff who was smartly clad in an elegant grey dress obliged to our whim and checked their kitchen if there were any cakes left.
After a while, she returned with black Forrest gateaux…


and Kirsch flavoured sponge cake…


The outside was rather miserable with wind & rain…


However, my evening was nicely rounded with a much-needed girl’s talk…

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ イギリス英語へ
にほんブログ村 自転車ブログへ

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