The Hobbit @ Barbican Centre

Yes, yes, yes, I saw The Hobbit – Unexpected Journey!
In one sentence, it was a visual roller coaster! It was GREAT! I loved it!!

I am an avid fan of J. R. R. Tolkien and the last film adaptations by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I can’t tell you how many times I watched.
So as soon as The Hobbit was premiered, I had to book the tickets ASAP.  Clutching my credit card, I got on with the Barbican Cinema’s web site. Then in 5 minutes, voilà,  I secured two seats for Hubbie and me.  Yipee!!

The screening was from 7:34pm.
And the film was gonna be more than 2 hours long. Therefore, lying my stomach amply  was a must.
I wandered around the Barbican’s Food Hall with a tray in my hands, looking for the dish which would fill me up nicely.
Mmmmmmm… I haven’t had spaghetti Bolognese for a god knows how long.
So I settled for a plate of meaty pasta…


The amount of grated cheese was a tad on the mean side.
Still, I enjoyed my childhood favourite very much.

For a dessert, we shared a slice of apricot cheese cake.
Accompanied by decaf soy latte, of course…


The film was immensely enjoyable, I must say. The CG were mesmerizing.
And especially, that camera work, it induced me a dizziness. Every time the view plunged into the depth and flew around the underworld, I felt like urging to hold onto my seat! I was so mentally involved. So as you can imagine, I was utterly exhausted when the film was finished…

Warning; I am NOT impersonating Thorin Oakenshield, the dwarf prince…


My shaggy Mongolian lamb coat does look like the one donned by Thorin, doesn’t it?
I was wearing it on a very icy night. But for the actor who played Thorin, it must have been boiling for him! Can’t imagine how it is like having to run a long distance wearing this toastie.
Oh by the way, I was at DiGuardo’s Christmas party last week.
It was wonderful to share a glass of bubbly & a heap of panettone with Letizia and her gorgeous gang…

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