Not very Christmasy…

My poor Hubbie has been suffering from a very messy cold for a couple of days.
He has a violent fit of coughs several times a night and it keeps not only him but me and Mr.B awake through our bedtime.
He was filming in a wine cellar in Buckinghamshire one cold day last week and ended up bringing home some nasty microorgasm, it seems. 
I can feel that a head cold is developing inside me as well. However, I am fending it off with eating well and doing a… handstand! I don’t know why a handstand makes me feel better but it DOES!!

To cheer up a very bunged up Hubbie, I toasted crumpets this morning…


Crumpets… You cuties.
I love the name very much too. The sound of it fills my heart with warmth.
After smothering them with a generous layer of butter, I covered one with strawberry jam…


And another one with honey…


Mmmm… Biting into a warm and bouncy crumpet on Sunday morning…
It’s so simple yet so satisfying. Hubbie and I agreed eagerly.

For lunch, I made chicken soup as I was advised from my local chemist…


Again, it was very simple yet soothing…
The broth seemed to ease his sore throat a little. Let’s hope he will feel better by Christmas Day.

The only Christmasy thing in here is a gift I received from Japan a few days ago…


Isn’t it gorgeous?
Thank you, Sahoko-san. You cheer us a lot (^0^)

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