Christmas Eve…

Oh dear, I can hear Hubbie coughing in the bedroom…
A poor chap! He is so unwell. It’s hard for me to see him so wretched.
I am not that well either, to be honest. Something nasty is latching on in my system. My nose is semi-blocked and my throat is just uncomfortable. You know the feeling, don’t you? It’s an ominous sign that something bad is developing. I am still fending it off with my steely determination though. I will have to drive to my brother-in-law’s tomorrow morning. I AM NOT GIVING IN!!

Anyway, our Christmas Eve kicked off in a subdued manner.
We promised to our local greasy spoon that we would come on 24th. So we honoured our pledge…


The caf looked rather deserted.
The establishment would be hiving with office workers during normal working days. However, it was awash in tranquility today.
Voila, my cheese omelette with salad. They told me that those eggs were the last ones they had.
Lucky me!


After zigzagging brown sauce like I would do normally, I had a palm-slap to the forehead moment. ‘I could have scrawled “Xmas” instead, couldn’t I? Dame!’. Oh well, my hunger got the better of me.

One of the prerogatives of being sick is any whim he/she has will be met with an upmost care and urgency. Hubbie wanted to have a bowl of panetone with hot custard. So I did my best to answer his plea…


I even sprinkled a few sultanas to make him happier.
Now, he is tucked in bed with a mug of milky tea. Please get better soon, PLEEEEEAAASSSSEE!

By the way, a postman brought me another Christmas gift this morning (^-^)
I bought Dr.Alkaitis‘s Organic Universal Mask and a tube of Ilia‘s lip conditioner…


I have been using Dr.Alkaitis for almost a month and so far so good.
Therefore, I decided to treat myself with his nourishing mask. Mmmm… I shall try this evening, shan’t I?

And a Ilia’s tinted lip conditioner, I’ve already own one in a darker shade, Shell Shock…


Ta-Dah! The new addition is their “Dizzy”.
On the colour swatch, it appeared more like a vibrant tangerine sort of shade. However, it is pale apricot in reality. And I like it!
I love my Shell Shock when I am more properly made up. But for running local errands, this paler sister, Dizzy, is good enough for me…

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