Here comes the Christmas Day…

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas. And I am relieved that it is over.
Finally, the cold which was latching on me for days conquered me, thanks to the cats and the extremely cold dining room.
Now, I can’t help sneezing like a volcano erupting every now and then. Oh my, it hurts
my nose like hell and sends my head spinning with an aftershock…

Anyway, we drove to Hubbie’s brother’s for Christmas lunch yesterday…


We wouldn’t dare mentioning it to the rest of the clan, especially to his dad, but we were reluctant participants of this annual ritual. Still, we went along with this Xmas business like every year with a stoicism of martyr in order to preserve a family unity.
However, as soon as we bid our farewell at the door and shut ourselves in the car, our postmortem commenced and it went like this.
Hubbie groaned with disbelief, shaking his head, “Why? Why another torch?!” And I joined in, “And chopping board in the shape of a cricket bat?!” Our complaint crescendoed as we headed back to Central London.

Adding salt to injury, this time we were given a porcelain bull-dog which served as a piggy bank…


We went speechless momentarily when the box was opened. Then, Hubbie recovered his composure and thanked his broadly grinning dad. ‘Oh why? What the point?’ I repeated my question in my head while hastily pulling up corners of my mouth for a smile.
We both agreed that his dad was the one who loved this family tradition and would want to carry on as it always had been since Hubbie & his brother were very young.
We appreciate his kindness that he wants to buy gifts for us. However, we are all grown up now and can buy whatever we want /need by ourselves. We want him to grow up or at least to realize that we are grown-up. What will happen to all those unwanted presents? The next trip they have will be to our local charity shop.
We really want him to keep the money instead.

After watching the Queen’s Christmas broadcast on BBC, we moved on to a dining room.
The starter was smoked salmon with  crème fraîche and capers…


The salmon was thick and succulent. And it was nicely presented as well.
My sister-in-law was a very competent cook. Lucky me.

Then, here came the roast turkey with all the trimming…


Unfortunately, I was not a massive fan of turkey.
I always find turkey just too dry and too “birdie” in a wrong way.
Still, I cleaned the plate none the less.

Then, the plates were taken away and pots of fresh coffee and a huge box of chocolates were brought out. Mmmmm…

Sam the black Labrador cozying up to Hubbie..


He was so excited about a house full of guests. His tail was wagging nonstop. As the result, more than a few glasses and cups were knocked off from the coffee table. Oh, Sam!

After watching Dr.Who Christmas Special, it was our time to head home…


I was so relieved to leave because by then, my nose was completely blocked and very runny.
Do you know why? I apologise to all cat lovers but I am very allergic to cats. And they had two cats which were loitering around me all the time. So, together with my existing head cold and my allergic reaction, I was in such a state by the time we headed home. Honey, hand me another tissue double QUICK!!
At Home, disgruntled Hubbie solemnly declared that we would go away next Christmas. And I nodded vigorously in agreement.
However, I am very much doubtful if it will ever come true. I imagine, we, especially Hubbie, he won’t have the heart to tell his dad that we won’t be joining the family get together. I bet we will end up going through this family pantomime again and again in foreseeable future, you know.

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