Mr. B at work

I am so disappointed in me finally succumbing to this unpleasant cold.
It feels like someone is tightening my head with a vice. I also hate this dreadful shiver which I feel right after every sneeze.
Oh, it’s so boring to be ill while everyone else is bargain hunting! I am sure that all items worthwhile have long gone from the shelves in West End. Damn…

Anyway, Mr.B was one happy chap yesterday…


‘What is this?’
He quizzically looked up, twinkling at me.
That’s a mini size chew for you. It’s your Xmas pressie, matey!


He was sniffing at it first and got down to business in no time…


How is it goin’, kid?
‘Can’t you see I am rather busy right now?’

Sorry, I shall leave you alone…

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