Fashionable escape (in my mind)…

Ouch! My mouth hurts. My lips are cracking and sore.
It feels like they don’t belong to me at all. When they are rubbed together, it gives me a
strange sensation, like having two sheets of sandpaper between my mouth.
I also have a couple of mouth ulcers as well. So every time I use Listerine, it stings like hell too. Oh, bu**er…
However, apart from this very unappealing oral condition, the rest of my cold seems to be improving all the times. I may be well enough to go out for lunch or tea & cake this afternoon. Provided Hubbie, who still chokes with a torrent of coughs time to time, is up for it, that is…

While I was in self-imposed exile in bed with a box of Kleenex Balsam, I bought a few books wirelessly in order to distract my miserable self.
One was a biography of a legendary editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Carmel Snow, “A Dash of Daring” by Penelope Rowlands…


I just wanted to read something luxurious, feminine and light-hearted.
Even though fashion is a serious business in itself, it is not as heavy or serious as history or politics, is it?


By the way, how those fashionable jet setters used to operate in Pre-war era!
it was so impossibly glamorous. Endless champagne, dancing, Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga… Just reading the life of Ms.Snow made me feel like living in the world of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It was so intoxicating.

Another one was “Encyclopaedia of the Exquisite” by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins…


This charming book is a collection of essays regarding history of anything and everything lovely and opulent. Like how champagne was accidentally created or how a boudoir developed in the 18th century…etc
Those sweet anecdotes were especially a soothing read when my head was tortured with a sinus pressure.

And the last of my impulse buy was “Grace”, an auto-biography by Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue…


She was the most likeable character in that film, “the September Issue”.


With her frizzy red mane and her black Birkenstock sandals, she looked the least “Vogue set” and it was refreshing and endearing.
I imagined somewhere like American Vogue, a citadel of high fashion, was populated by those lofty chosen few who were impeccably groomed and sporting an effortless chic 24/7.
However, despite being an ex-model, Grace was unexpectedly make-up free, natural and just normal.
And it made me like her very much.


So when I found her book in Kindle, I had to buy it with one-click.

At the moment, my teeth are firmly stuck in Carmel Snow’s book.
However, I have had a little nibble at the other two books too. And they are delicious! All sorts of heart-fluttering bits and pieces are in there, which will definitely help to make any gloomy day a little lighter.
Mmmm… I can hardly wait…

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2 thoughts on “Fashionable escape (in my mind)…

  1. I totally understand how you feel – I have a mouth ulcer and it hurts to even sleep! I gave Grace’s memoir as a gift this Christmas, and my friend loved it. I can always lose myself in anything fashion-related, whether in video format or print. Thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

  2. Hi Jonathan. Thank you for your comment.
    I was gutted that I had a cold during this festive season. However, those fashionable dames (& your comment) made my day (^-^)
    Did you watched Diana Vreeland’s film already? I’ve just bought it in iTune & can’t wait to see it!

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