S/S 2013

I am pacing up and down, eyeing my ongoing work on the mannequin.
My expression might be politically incorrect but it really feels like facing a bull in bullfighting ring.
I haven’t got much time to screw it up.
So, the way I am grappling it by its horn is rather tentative…


The Runaways are on today’s menu while I am knitting away…


Yea, I do remember them.
As a child, I thought they were a bit scary.  Cherie the lead singer, she was the first to sport a racy underwear on stage, wasn’t she? Even before Madonna…

Today’s weather was rather miserable as it drizzled incessantly.
Nevertheless, Hubbie and I trekked to WH Smith in Liverpool Street Station this lunchtime because we wanted to get hold of a copy of Creative Review in which Hubbie contribute monthly columns.

Together with Creative Reviews, I also bought French Vogue featuring S/S 2013.


How do I find it?
Mmmm… Looks like a continuation of the previous season to me. Also, it’s more muted as well. I don’t find it massively exciting, I’m afraid.

My personal style next season will be definitely less black and more colour.
Even though monochrome seems to be in vogue, I just don’t fancy it for some reason.
The only collection I kind of like is by Isabel Marant…


I just want anything light and airy. No goth or harlequin stuff please.
Even if it is endorsed by SB or MJ, it’s really not for me…

P.S. About my Hubbie’s column in Creative Review, it’s called “Art Directing the Idea“. Please take a peep if you fancy (^-^)

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5 thoughts on “S/S 2013

  1. I’m a bit over monochrome trends, too. Perhaps it’s because the weather is so monochrome itself these days, since the sun rarely shows up! I hope you can start wearing colorful, light pieces soon (:

    • Hi Jonathan. I agree with you completely. Who wants to wear monochrome in winter! It’s too depressing. The thing I am concerned is there will not be any cheerful colour palate in S/S 2013 because major fashion houses are all goth & B/W… There won’t be much choice…(T-T)

      • I know what you mean, but I guess that’ll make those of us who can’t afford the major fashion houses’ designs feel better, haha. Hello H&M! I visited the other day and there was a nice selection of bright, intriguing colors (and in novel materials). We’ll see how it goes!

      • So true! Also, I should explore independent boutiques where they stock more original designs. I shall let you know if I come across anything interesting (^_<)b

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