Andrew Edmunds @ Lexington Street, Soho

Belated happy new year greeting to everyone!
I’ve almost recovered from the cold which I contracted post Xmas.
Apart from some stuffed nose and occasional coughs, I feel as fine as I can be. A regime of four times a day hand stand and 1 hour of peddling on my stationary bike has commenced again. And I’ve added 2 glasses of protein shake to my daily diet.
My new year resolution is “getting fitter inside & outside”. Mmmmmmm… I really look forward to it.

Anyway, we met up with our lovely friends, Letizia & Peter at Andrew Edmunds on Lexington Street for lunch today…


When we got there, they were already there, sipping wine & waiting for us…


Such a cosy place!
Very intimate and homely. I loved it…


I fancied steak. So be it…


I asked them about my steak to be cooked as medium rare but found mine a tad on over done side. However, the rib eye with pepper cone sauce was very palatable. It was one of the best steaks I had in my recent memory. The accompanying sweet potato and broccoli were cooked to perfection as well.

After polishing off the plates with another bottle of red wine, we decided to pay an homage to our all time favourite, Maison Bertaux


The tables were brimming with happy crowd who were enjoying their late afternoon tea & cake.
Luckily, we managed to grab the table which was just vacated.
So, we settled down comfortably in the corner and resumed our chit-chat…


I had a slice of Saint-Honore.


Hubbie seemed to like it but it was a miss for me. I found it a bit too bland. I prefer Laduree’s.
Oh well, never mind.
After finishing our dessert with a gigantic pot of tea, it was time for us to head home.
We strolled through Soho towards Oxford Street.
However, Hubbie and Peter, both of them were over 6’4″ tall, obviously had longer strides than us, Letizia & me. Consequently, we were left far behind while they were deep in conversation, not paying any attention where we were!
Oh well, that’s husbands for you…

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