The story of Vernon and Irene castle

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on BBC2!
Isn’t it a perfect antidote to combat a gloomy & grey Monday morning?
Watching a huge grin on Mr.Astaire’s face as he & Miss.Rogers twirling around the ballroom with their mesmerizing steps, it really injected an extra bounce in my step while I was dealing with  my housekeeping chores…


By the way, “Maggie”, the manager played by Edna May Oliver, very much reminded me insuppressaible Diana Vreeland…


When Maggie first introduced Vernon & Irene to the audience of Cafe De Paris, she was wearing a dress which took my breath away. Those fur adorned shoulders! It reminded me a cossack princess. Also, the bodice was richly ornate with needle works and beads. And finished off with a hair do to go with it,  she looked like Elizabeth I! !The film was in B&W so I had no idea what colours they were. Still, I can imagine it must have been dark & rich hues, like burgundy or royal blue.
It was so Alexandar Mcqueen. Mmmm… Divine…

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