Rising like a phoenix…

How are we all keeping recently?
I went through a pretty nasty experience – a kind of experience which makes one loses faith in other human beings.
Still, I have come out of it, feeling all positive and strong.

The people who I was collaborating for A/W 2013 mens knitwear collection turned out to be anything but professional con. And I was not the only victim of their despicable scheming. The financial damage I suffered was about €1000, not a lot but very annoying nevertheless.
During a flurry of phone calls, emails & SMSs between my friends right after my showdown in Paris, I unearthed histories that were far less palatable than I had ever dared to imagine.  More than a handful of people were hurt by them, financially and emotionally. And the scars they were left with were much much worse than mine, which made me realise that I came out of it relatively unscathed.

It was true that I wasted my precious money and time on those crooks.
However, I developed new patterns and was lucky enough to recover the samples from them.
Yap, I gate-crashed their office and yanked the garments off from their evil claws! I wish if I could show you guys the expression on that “Piranha” faced woman. By the way, google “Naoko Ken” if you are curious what this woman looks like. This Japanese TV personality is a dead ringer to her. And her sidekick, I named him “Alibaba”… LOL

After a lengthy postmortem with my trusted friends, we all agreed that those felons were better to be kept out of our lives at all costs.
Their presence, physically or mentally, would seriously damage our happiness. We were certain that a bad karma would catch up with them sooner or later…


The time I spent in Paris was not entirely marred by that horrible experience.
My best friend in France, Kyoko, came to the rescue, despite the weather was not even remotely ideal. We met up at a Japanese supermarket near Opera and headed to a noodle bar, Naritake on Rue des Petits Champs.
During the previous night, we were toying with the idea of having falafel in Marais. However, we changed our mind since a frosty weather would warrant a bowl of steamy Ramen noodle far more than falafel with salad. Brrrrrrr…


When we open the door of this small noodle bar, the place was brimming with eager diners who obviously had the same idea as us.
Let’s see what they offer…
Unlike some of their counterparts in Paris, Naritake offered a noodle menu only. They didn’t serve any don or curry-rice. So I decided to settle for their Miso Ramen…


By tasting the first mouthful of the broth, I found the soup a little too salty. And Kyoko, who tried their Shoyu Ramen, found hers likewise. So we ordered a bowl of thinning broth.

We also shared a plate of gyoza dumplings…


The dumplings turned out to be exactly what we would expect.
Therefore, it disappeared into our mouths without any raised-eyebrow moment…

After lunch, we strolled towards Blvd Haussmann.
We both firmly agreed that our seriously brined tongues would require an urgent sugary treatment. The only remedy was the famed Mont-Blanc at Angelina in Galeries Lafayette!

Ta-dah! My lovely Mont-Blanc…


And Kyoko’s Mille Feuille…


Over pots of coffee and Angelina’s jaw-achingly sweet cakes, we chatted and giggled for hours.


By the end of the afternoon, I felt so much better, thanks to my lovely Kyoko whose integrity and steadfastness really helped me to snap out of self-pity. Merci beaucoup, Kyoko!

These were another moments which lightened my heart in Paris.

A man with a saxophone who played a string of romantic tunes while I was in the otherwise rather depressing Paris metro.
By the way, why Parisians are so stony faced? Cheer up, people!


And I encountered WWI soldier duo on Avenue de l’Opera…


Their light blue winter overcoats didn’t look adequate for this icy weather.
Even though I tried my best to find out what their stunt was for with my limited French (& their limited English), I couldn’t quite grasp their intention. Oh well, c’est la vie.
However, they seemed to be rather flattered by being asked to pose for my photo…

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