Snowy lunch @ Aurora, Soho

I wasn’t just curling up with my chin rested on my knee since I came back from Paris.
In the arms of my very understanding Hubbie, I pledged that I would use the experience as a spring-board rather than a bitter pill. However, I didn’t feel energised enough to stick up my middle finger at that criminal duo. Alibaba and Piranha, and also to reflect upon the experience and to spell it out in my blog.
I suppose the past one month was my “licking wounds” period. Even though my knitting hands were never idle, my heart needed a convalescent.

Anyway, my lovely Letizia & her dashing beau Peter invited me for lunch on one snowy January Sunday to cheer me up…


The table was booked at Aurora on Lexington Street.
Hubbie wanted to join us but he had a mega urgent presentation to put together for Monday morning.
So he would have to content himself with sandwich from EAT instead. A poor man!

During the weekdays, Aurora is packed with diners, day and night…


However, visiting here for Sunday lunch is a different story.
Really quiet and peaceful. It was especially so on a wintry day like this…

Cradling a glass of red wine and glancing at the window…


While the outside was freezing cold and the snow kept on falling incessantly, we were comfortably installed behind a dining table with starched linens. What a delicious feeling it was!

We all skipped entrée and shared a basket of bread and olive instead.
For main, I fancied steak, so be it…


It wasn’t bad but I thought the one I had at Andrew Edmunds last time was better.
The sauce was a tad on a bland side and the steak was tiny bit overdone.

After lunch, Letizia and Peter invited me to a nearby pub but I decided to opt out.
Having a small glass of port by the fire was a tempting idea, however, I didn’t want to stay out too late since the weather was turning more icy by the minute.

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