Atelier = Home

The wintry spell which descended on UK since last weekend seems to have loosened its grip this morning.
Gazing out from the window with a mug of milky tea in my hand, I search for the first sign of spring. However, the sprawling urban landscape beneath my view doesn’t give it away much other than the lighter attire of passerbys.

Rain or shine, Mr.B is always reluctant to emerge from a warm duvet…


Especially when the weather turns less amicable, I am truly thankful for the fortune of being able to run my business from home.  And also, no more time spent in over-occupied public transport, it does seriously improve the quality of my life.
However, of course, there is always the other side of the coin. The pitfall of this “Atelier = Home” scenario is about socializing or lack of it, more precisely. The thing I miss the most is a spontaneous pub outing after work. I didn’t appreciate about the convenience of having companions available anytime I fancied a pint at local pubs when I was working in office years ago. Then, I was more like a reluctant participant who wanted to dodge the invitation and would rather go home to be alone. Oh well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, can you?

Since the foul weather didn’t warrant day outs, I had been devoting my energy to a prolonged knitting.
This is a mens jumper (sweater) with a snood neck…


And all time popular gilets in light grey and dusky pink.
They are almost done…


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