Mens knitwear 1

Since the criminal duo, Alibaba & Piranha, is no longer breathing down my neck, I can show my creations to anyone, can’t I?
They, especially Alibaba, were so paranoid and controlling. Despite the fact that I never signed any paper or saw any deposit for my labour, they forbid me to mention about the project in even a miniscule scale. I thought it was rather strange because, as far as I know, my method was unique “one of its kind” and impossibly hard to copy it by just looking at images.

Anyway, I am at liberty to do whatever I please without not having to worry about any unpleasant call, SMS or Facebook message across the Channel. Yipeeeeee!!!!

This jacket is one of three I made for the project aforementioned…


A round neck cardigan / jacket.
It has two good size front pockets.

The view from rear…


The fit is quite generous. I think it can be worn over suits.

The detail around the shoulder…


And the close-up of the front panel…


And finally, the hem looks like this…


The material is 100% Merino wool. How do you find it?

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