Staying power

Oh my, I was in such a distress.
Do you know why? Because… I stunk!
Yes, I had been tormented by my own smell a whole day yesterday.
This overwhelming odour which drove me insane was a Pomegranate Noir Body Cream by Jo Malone which I put it on after my bath.
I was given this body cream as a part of Christmas presents from my in-laws. It was forgotten and was gathering dust until I discovered it while I was rampaging my closet for something else.
Hmmmm… Lets give it a try this evening, I thought innocently.
So after stepping out of the bath, I smothered myself with this gooey stuff.
Uh-oh, I was not sure about the smell. It was heavy, spicy and way too masculine.
It was not at all my cup of tea.
Should I wash it off? I pondered for a while. May be the scent might fizzle out if I wait for a couple of hours? So I decided to stay put. A big mistake.
The smell had an amazing staying power. It clung for a whole night, next morning & afternoon and until I scrubbed it off in the bath!
The damn body cream annoyed me to no end and it was thrown into the bin with a pleasure…


BTW, do you remember the gilet I was talking about the other day?
I finished it yesterday…


Do you like it?
I think it looks great with my leather jacket…


Can hardly wait for my next day out!

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