When we can’t be ar*ed…

Deliverance is what we reach out when we both are hungry but feel too lazy to do anything about it, other than accessing to their website and clicking away what we fancy from their menu.
Their kitchen is less than 10 minutes away in Farringdon. Therefore, most of our orders are delivered pronto, or if not, even earlier than a specified time.

What shall we have tonight?…


We both fancied their cheese burger with bacon.
And their fat chips are a definite must. They are sumptuous and tasty.
Normally, I prefer my chips stringy like McDonald’s. However, Deliverance’s is an exception.

The mess left after our feast…


Rubbing our tummies, we felt a glow of satisfaction, which was not entirely free from some sense of guilt. But hey, would a “guilt-free” life be any happier than the life I am enjoying presently? I guess not.
Let’s live like saints with (occasional) sin, shall we?…

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