The Great Gatsby

At last, I watched The Great Gatsby!
How did I find it? I LOVED IT!

The only regret was I should have gone sooner rather than waiting for it this late.
One of my girlfriends was suggesting to go together last Saturday.
I sent her a couple of SMS, reminding her about our cinema outing.
However, she never replied to it even though her FB status was updated regularly – kind of annoying, isn’t it?
So, I invited my Hubbie instead.
Did he accept it? No!
He reasoned with me that the film received bad reviews and it wouldn’t be “his cup of tea”. Jerk!
Then I thought, “who gives a monkey about those people. I will go on my own!”
So I booked a ticket (the most expensive seat, naturally) for my first solo film outing in god knows how many years.

The walk to the cinema was pleasant.
At last, the season caught up with London. The sun shone and the air was warm.
I arrived a little too early, so strolled around Covent Garden. Wow, there were even more shoe shops than I remembered!
Eventually, I settled into a plushy chair with a huge cup of latte and the film kicked off.
Oh boy, oh boy, how much I enjoyed it! I adored every second of it.
Especially, the costumes, they were absolutely divine, men & women!
I also loved the special effect. I didn’t care  what those mean film snobs said about the film. I had a great time. That was all it mattered.
By the way, how did I find my solo film outing? A big thumb up to it too.
It was great that anyone, especially my Hubbie, was not spoiling it with a silly remark, such as “Oh, Leo has put on weight” etc. Not that I was a huge fan of Mr. DiCaprio. Still, I would be annoyed nonetheless.

My next film to watch is “Behind The Candelabra”.
Again, Hubbie says no, categorically. Who cares. I am going ALONE.

2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby

  1. You go girl! I love going to the cinema on my own – means you can go in when you like and not have anyone raise an eyebrow about spending too much on the pick n mix. 😉

    • It’s so true (especially about Pick’n Mix)!
      I felt great when I walked out of the cinema. Felt liberated! The only regret was I should have done it sooner (I missed Life of Pi – sob).

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