Fantasy & Reality

Previously, I wrote how much I loved the film, The Great Gatsby.

There were many things I was taken by in those 142 minutes.
Especially, the luminous complexion of Daisy, together with her adorable bob hairstyle, captured my attention throughout the film.
I started to hear a little voice in my head whispering “Let’s get a new foundation”.
And it got louder and louder as I was increasingly transfixed to her flawless skin and her fabulous costume.
So once I stepped out into the late afternoon sunshine, the next thing I did was scurrying to the nearest Laura Mercier stockist.
And less than an hour later, I was an owner of Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder Foundation in Natural Beige.

Next morning, I was so looking forward to trying out the new makeup. A small amount of the powder was scooped up with the brush and applied on my face with circular motion…
Then… WHAT?!
The face looking back to me in the mirror had a strange sheen – greyish pinky metallic texture which was not at all flattering. Instead of being luminous, my skin looked unnaturally shiny with every accentuated pore and line on display. I was simply…mortified.
Sure, my face had clocked up more mileage than the girl who played Daisy. And it was very silly of me to expect even slightly that a mere makeup could erase and eradicate all the flaws on my face. I felt deflated, foolish and even depressed.

The pot was duly tossed into the cupboard which was dedicated specially for a collection of my unloved makeups (& out of sight from Hubbie, of course).
Oh well, it didn’t work out this time (again). But one day, may be one day, a miracle foundation may cross my path and fix my imperfection… *sigh*

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