The Apple of Eden

There is one thing I have been lusting after since this morning.
Sony XBA4ip in-ear headphones.
Ahhhhh, quality audio equipments never come cheap, do they?

My expensive taste when it comes to in-ear headphones has started five years ago, since that fatal moment, when I stuffed my ears with a pair by Ultimate. My life (& my ears) has changed forever.
I definitely bit into my Eve’s Apple that afternoon…

Unlike any other luxury experiences, a sensory one such as audio is specific and unyielding.
Once one is initiated to this sensory treat, it is just impossible to downgrade to any lesser equipments.
Most definitely not one of those whinny white pairs comes free with iPhone!

Ahhhh, I don’t know what to doooo!
The more I think about it, the cloudier my mind gets. Should I spend that money on my new iPhone?
Or should I have a better audio experience? I am soooooo confused.

No shoes nor frock can give a spine-tingling sensation like good headphones can every time I wear them.
Therefore, my intention is not all wrong. I only wish if it didn’t come with such a steep price tag.
Mmmmm… I gonna sleep on it…

2 thoughts on “The Apple of Eden

  1. Clever title you’ve got there (; Unfortunately I lose my headphones constantly so I never invest in them!


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