Behind The Candelabra

I am at Spianata in Spitalfield Market with Mr.B, sipping latte & looking at passerby.


Such a lovely weather today.
Gentle breeze caresses my forehead like an exquisite silk chiffon scarf.
And chilled out Mr.B, snuggling up on my lap and sniffing the air occasionally.
At this very moment, my life seems to be just perfect…


By the way, true to my word, I carried out my second solo film outing!
The film I viewed was, goes without saying,  Behind The Candelabra…


The very next day of the film was premiered, I was in a queue for a ticket at Odeon West End, Leicester Square.
Against my guess that the cinema would be deserted since the weather was gorgeous (as a British standard) and the screening was in early afternoon, the foyer was busy with a substantial crowd. Wow, what’s going in?!
Shimmying through the crowd with a large cup of latte and some sweets, I made my way to the screening room. My expectation mounted up as I shuffled on the plushy carpet…

After settling down in my seat, I swivelled my head like a periscope and studied the fellow audience.
There were roughly three categories:
1. Gay couples (mainly male)
2. Pensioners (mainly female)
3. Singletons (male & female, including me)
Those with companions were chatting busily in a hushed tone. And loners like me were fiddling smartphones or sipping beverages, killing the boredom.

Shortly afterward, the lighting was darkened and customary ads for future screenings commenced.
Oh yes, I must watch Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”!
Then finally, the main act, that was what we were here for, had started. Everyone was holding a breath and the excitement was truly palpable!

How did I find Behind The Candelabra?
I thought it was brilliant! Matt Damien’s performance was gutsy and very convincing. And especially, his special effect make up! It was remarkable. How did the studio manage to make him look that much younger than his actual age of 41?! Was it a skill of their make up
artist? Or post- production retouching? Or both? It was astonishing. I wish if I could borrow one of those miracle workers for myself for one day (or even one hour!).
And Michael Douglas, my, my, he was the legend, wasn’t he?
His performance, as the legendary pianist, Liberace, was truly mesmerizing.
How his fingers flew over the keys! Did he have a hand-double or something?
The film was peppered with numerous entertaining moments and our bellies were tickled non stop. I was particularly taken by the scene when Liberace’s bitchy house boy, Carlucci, presented a plate of canapés to Scott played by Mr.Damon, thrusting his tightly clad a** to his face!
I wasn’t sure how those male gay people in the audience felt about the scene. However, all pensioner ladies around me broke out with rapturous laughter. It was soooo funny!
Another hero of the film was the plastic surgeon brilliantly played by the 80’s heart-throb, Rob Lowe.
Together with his permanently arched eye brows and a contoured half-smile deadpan expression, he offered one of the best LOL moments in the film.
In his post production interview, Mr.Lowe confessed how his scalp was pulled tightly and taped in order to create that distinctive “over-tweaked” look. As the result, he suffered with a terrible migraine throughout the filming.

My verdict on the film was 5 star & highly recommended!
The last word of Liberace was “Too Much of Good thing is Wonderful”.
I agree with him entirely…

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