The Summer is HERE!

The summer finally hits London!
We had an awful April & May – the worst one in the past 50 years.
Therefore, being roasted in a heat wave is the least of worries for us, pasty looking Londoners.

Look at these pale toes!
Sooooo unglamorous…


I set off to Mr.B’s vet in order to pick up his food & supplement.
The pavement gleamed in the white heat of summer afternoon…


Then, I noticed a helicopter circling above me over and over.
Any incident?
Sure enough, here and there, policemen were standing and talking to passerby.
I carried on walking and still didn’t see any sign of the trouble.
Then, there it was. A zigzag of blue & white sticky tape, condoning off the traffic and a girl was lying on the pavement, attended by paramedics. A worried looking crowd was forming near by already and talking in hushed voices.
As I gathered, she was hit by a moped and its rider just abandoned his mount and ran off.
So that circling chopper, it was looking for the suspect!
I hope they will catch the culprit, and the poor girl, who seemed to be conscious but looked very distressed, didn’t suffer any serious injury. Something serious enough to ruin her summer.
Please people, be extra careful when you cross streets!
This accident happened at a zebra crossing. I must remind Hubbie so likewise.

On my way home, I deliberately avoided the traffic.
Strolling along the canal situated between Danbury Street and Wharf Road.
A guy and a girl were sunbathing on the canal boat. He looked very much like Peter Fonda…


Doesn’t it look so idyllic?


English summer is capricious.
It always turns up unannounced and disappears at a drop of hat.
It is annoying but maybe because of it, we love an English summer even more…

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