Retail Therapy

A few weeks ago, our Saturday kicked off with a customary hearty breakfast at the caf…
As always, we went for “Early Bird”.


Two fried eggs on two brown toasts accompanied by a few slabs of cooked beef tomato and a sausage which I would share with Hubbie – we are not economising here. It’s our rather pathetic attempt to reduce saturated fat from out diet.


As you can see, there is nothing remarkable about their food.
It is just a typical greasy spoon affair. Eggs could be overcooked or toast may be overdone. But we don’t mind. We are here for the people who work / congregate in here, not for gourmet food.
However, the only thing we gripe about is their tea!
9 out of 10 times, it is stewed and has not enough milk in it. And the appearance resembles murky water of Regent Canal. I wish they will improve their dishwater tea before we will have to raise this awkward suggestion…

After our sustenance, we headed to Spitalfields Market.
Hubbie needed to buy a pair of dark denim and the only place which could accommodate his 6’5″ frame was Son Of A Stag on Dray Walk off Brick Lane.

Unlike myself, Hubbie is not very fond of shopping.
Especially, when it comes to cloth shopping, oh, it’s ever so hard to coax him into trying on new shirts or jackets. I don’t think he is not interested in fashion. However, he has been frustrated by the existing standard sizing. Most of the sleeves and trouser length are not long enough. After so many heartbreaking discoveries in changing rooms, he righteously finds whole chores as a wasted effort. Well, who can blame him.

At the shop, the staff were more than happy to help us find his ideal pair.
They prised out one after another from copious  indigo piles along the wall…


After trying on half a dozen pairs, Hubbie came across the one he liked, so the hems were marked for alteration.
While he was changing, I asked a staff if they had any heavy-duty denim jacket. The one I had in mind was one of those worn by proper lumberjacks in USA.
He rifled through the rack for a while and came back with the one by Tellason. The jacket was a full of clever pockets which would accommodate almost everything a man need (ALAS, no pocket for a laptop though).
We presented the jacket to Hubbie, holding our breath. How did he react? He loved it!
Phew, I was so relieved that he found something he liked.
The staff told us that the jeans would be ready in 3 hours. So we decided to walk around Brick Lane.
Rough Trade is a must every time we are about in Spitalfields…


It is a shame that we don’t have a turntable anymore. Vinyl jackets look so much nicer than teeny-weeny CDs’. Why did we ever let it go? *SIGH*

By the way, I picked up something for myself as well at the market nearby…


Cats eye frames for a fiver!
The pair looks like the one Far Side comics. Don’t you agree?

Then, we opted for tea & cake at Patisserie Valerie.
I had a fruit tart and for Hubbie, a slice of millefeuille…


There used to be only one Patisserie Valerie on Old Compton Street in Soho.
I can’t remember when it became chain. They proliferated like poppies in the field and the next time I noticed, they were everywhere!
Yes, they serve perfectly palatable cakes and the staff are efficient. However, they lost the charm of independent shop. And I miss it a lot.
I guess “Uniqueness & Charm” is a first thing to be sacrificed if you pursue “Growth & Expansion” for share holders. Shame…

By when we finished our tea & cake, the raindrops started to pepper the pavement.
Therefore, instead of hanging around for the jeans, we decided to call it a day and headed home.
Oh well, we aren’t going home empty-handed today, are we?…

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