Sun Worshipers

A cloudless pale blue sky spreads above London and we are still basking in the abundance of sunshine! What a joy!

Public space are brimming with the people who want to top up their tan.
Some hard cores are even sporting bathing suits, sipping cold beverages  and stretching out over beach towels, oblivious of poor businessmen who must be sweating profusely under their suits.

Some criticise those sun worshiper as they are lacking modesty.
In this argument, where do I stand? Mmmm… I am ambivalent.
Because no one knows how long the weather system around us will be kind and generous to us. Therefore, I can see why some people want to gorge on the sun silly.

At the same time, it’s also true that encountering near-naked people in inner city public spaces can be rather awkward and sometimes, even intimidating.
You are there to relax and enjoy lunch. However, you end up getting an eyeful of the flesh which is scarcely covered.
Except for those who like to ogle the spectacle, this situation can brew resentment amongst fellow square/park users.
Mmmm… What do you think? Are you pro or against?

Mr.B at the pebble beach of Dungeness…


He is definitely pro. He loves baking himself on the pavement…

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