Wagashi Magic

Phew, I really deserve this!
I threw myself on a plushy vintage leather armchair at Eat, Topshop Oxford Circus.
From my flat to Piccadilly, then to Old Bond Street, turn to Wigmore Street via South Molton Street. It took me 11188 steps to get here, according to my pedometer.


One of the purpose of my outing was to buy a gift for my friend in Paris. I am visiting her on Tuesday and I can hardly wait!

Here, I present ‘Minamoto kicchouan’.
They are a confectionary who are specialised in Japanese sweets ‘Wagashi’…


Wagashi is a general term for traditional Japanese sweets.
They come in all colours and shapes.
However, the one the most renown is the kind which is served at tea ceremony.
Especially, Japanese tea ceremony culture put a profound  emphasis on season which is also reflected upon the design of the sweets.
By skilful Wagashi artisans, the ingredients are morphed into elaborate seasonal flowers or fruits which impress and entertain the guests.
They are simply, a work of art.

The one in the window is a pear comport encased in gelatine..


Chill it in the fridge before serving for the best result, apparently…

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