Farewell to (not Arms but) Pasty Legs

My legs had been hidden in a pair of jeans or tights during the last dreadful spring/early summer – officially, the worst one in 50 years.
Therefore understandably, my pins were pasty looking and not at all ready for summer apparel. It may be only me but I find pale legs look even more fleshy and how should I put it…’naked’.

Since the temperature in London would be soaring to 30℃ for the foreseeable future. I decided to act upon it.
A BBC meteorologist predicted that the weekend would be another sizzler.
Wouldn’t it be a perfect day for sunbathing? I suggested to Hubbie that we could have a picnic in Regent’s Park. We all need a bit of sunshine, don’t we?
We duly packed Mr.B, a tube of sunscreen, some water, a picnic blanket, hats, sandwiches, a scarf, books…etc, and headed to the park.
The sun was blazing high above us and we leapfrogged between the shades so Mr.B would not overheat.

Let’s have some photosynthesis!


More than a few Londoners have the same idea…


Chirpy crowds were here & there. Like us, spreading their rugs, opening their lunch and making themselves comfortable in the sun.

Ahhh, my pasty pins on display!


How embarrassing…
Please brown my legs soon.

Hubbie’s wide-brimmed hats & Mr.B.
The hat was given to Hubbie when he went to see Lord’s Test last summer…


Hubbie stuck around for an hour.
Sadly, he had to go back to the office due to tight deadlines to meet. Isn’t an advertising business so relentless? I felt very sorry.

Mr.B & I hang around in the sun for a few more hours.
I stretched out on the blanket and Mr.B was lying beside me.
Look at a jolly smile of Mr.B! I knew he was just hot. But it looked like he was cracking a mega watt smile…


Around 4pm, I decided to call it a day.
I wasn’t sure if my leg had any tan. Maybe I can top up more tomorrow, I thought.
Unfortunately, a blister formed on my right big toe. Therefore, I had to limp to the bus-stop nearby, instead of strolling back to Hubbie’s office.
Ouch, I need a plaster!

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