Old Meets New

London still sizzles under the sun!
How unusual and of course, wonderful.
I love balmy summer evenings. It’s such a tangible experience. The air is still. The heat hangs
around like an exquisitely soft chiffon scarf. And all the objects appear to sport  pinky tint under the setting sun.

On one such balmy evening, I had a unique opportunity to attend “DiGuardo at Orsini Vintage“.
This was our Letizia’s very first Pop-up shop which provided her customers to experiment and to broaden their fashion styling experience.

Orsini Vintage was situated on Holland Park end of Earl’s Court Road, therefore, it was far removed from the hustle & bustle of Earl’s Court station area.


The flat I used to live 20 years ago was just a few blocks away from the shop. I marvelled how little this stretch of Earl’s Court Road changed.
On the contrary, the other half beyond Cromwell Road was totally unrecognisable.
In my memory, there used to be a bakery who sold so-called “croissant” which tasted nothing like the real one. Still, I couldn’t help feeling a pang of sadness when I discovered they were replaced by a fast food outlet.
Well, lots happen during two decades, don’t they?

Upon arriving at the shop around 6:30pm, I was greeted with a warm and friendly welcome.
Orsini owner, Sophie, handed me a chilled glass of prosecco which was most appreciated after travelling in the stifling air of London Underground.

Letizia on the right with one of her beautiful scarves and Sophie, being busy with serving a drink to her guest. In the reflection, there was Sophie’s guest, Katarina also…


One of Letizia’s loyal customers looks on while Letizia rifling through the rack to find some dress…


The quality of the garments and accessories offered was breathtaking.
All handpicked by Letizia & Sophie with the upmost love & care…


Handbags from well-known luxury brands in a mint condition sharing the window with “one of its kind” dresses and accessories. Being able to mix “old & new”-“traditional & up&coming” in this cozy environment is an opportunity any fashion lover should not give a miss…


A beautiful divan draped with ornate fabrics. resembling a pretty dressing room of Bohemian princess…


By the way, how do you find this piece?


The dress was way too large for my frame but I really liked it. It looked like a men’s tux.

I was very happy that Letizia included my gilet in the event…


If only the weather were a little cooler, I could tempt more people to try it on!

Please find out more about DiGuardo & Orsini Vintage by jumping to their homepage!

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