Japanese Canteen, Tottenham Court Road

Yesterday, I continued to work on the coat.
I always get worried at least once if the pattern I am trying to create may not come together.


Unlike dress-making, which uses a predetermined pattern and calico to be cut and assembled quickly to see if the pattern in concerned is successful or not, knitting requires a whole garment to be finished even before I discover if it pleases me nor not!
Especially the method “finger-knitting”, I am the pioneer, I have nobody to turn to for advice.

Still, this one is coming up nicely. The coat will have a collar and two pockets. Mmmm…I can’t wait!


While I was keeping my fingers busy, Hubbie was equally busy at work yesterday.
We both know that we should enjoy weekend as a time-off, rather than treat it as two more extra working days. Unfortunately, demand exceeds supply. And we have to answer it.
Under the circumstance, we try to spend time together as much as possible. I may pop into his office for tea & chat or we go out after work.
So, he suggested maybe I could join him later for dinner.
What shall we have?
We decided to grab a quick Japanese style curry at Japanese Canteen on Tottenham Court Road and to go home for a documentary I recorded the other night.


It was not a proper Japanese eatery. However, we wanted to eat very quickly since the both of us were rather tired.


The staff was very business-like, no smile at all.
She took our order mechanically and handed us a receipt. ‘We call up the number when it’s ready’. Oh yes, are we “#37”?

We perched ourselves on the stools by the window.
Shortly afterward, our number was called out and we picked up the food at the till.

This is my Chicken Katsu Curry Bento…


I had zero expectation for this.
However, my scepticism was happily contradicted as the dish turned out to be more than just OK. The katsu was crisp and the rice was cooked properly – much stickier and more tasty than that overpriced Japanese in Paris.
I will definitely come again and try their noodle menu next time…

At home, we watched “Imagine…Don McCullin“.
We had been holding his work in the highest esteem. And the programme did not disappoint us.
I hope there will be another exhibition of his extraordinary works in London this autumn…

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