SKOOB BOOKS @ Brunswick Centre

Ever since I bought a pedometer last March, I have been taking more than 10000 per day.
Fortunately, my flat is a factory conversion with a sizeable open living /dining area which allows me to pace around freely even if the weather outside is not so great. At home, I put on MBT shoes and just walk, walk & walk…
After 5 months of this regime, I truly see an improvement in my health.
My waist and upper arms have become visibly slimmer. I sleep like a log. My shoulders feel less knotted even after hours of knitting. Generally, I feel great!
Walking to everywhere has become a second nature to me now.
So when I have errands to run in West End, I just put on flat shoes and start walking.
A pair of my treasured Church’s Burwood often accompanies me…


I can’t help glancing at my reflection on the shop windows every time I wear the pair.
They are elegant and comfortable. No sneakers can achieve the same.
On foot, there are so many more to be discovered, aren’t there?
It’s like reacquainting with my beloved London all over again. I love it!

The other day, I started my walk from Shoreditch Grind by Old Street roundabout.


This location used to be occupied by a mobile phone outlet.
Then one day, this busy yet friendly coffee shop spouted and it transformed a forlorn urban patch to a cheerful crowd-magnet.

Their sandwiches are gigantic!
They look much nicer than a counterpart from the Starbucks around the corner…


Damn, I had lunch already.
So I ordered latte and cherry tart…


Which route should I take today?
I pondered a little while and headed towards Rosebery Avenue. It was a hot day and I wanted to choose a leafy shaded route.
Rosebery Avenue, like Exmouth Market nearby, is lined with a cluster of quirky independent shops. And Antoni & Alison is one of them.


I have a list of places and shops I mean to visit but unfulfilled due to my laziness. And this shop has been on the list for years. Will today be the day so I can eliminate them from the list?

Alas, they are closed!


I peeped through the gap between the poster and the window frame…
One day soon, I must come back and satisfy my curiosity, I thought.

Then, I headed towards Brunswick Centre by Russell Square Station.
Brunswick Centre does not have anything remarkable – their courtyard is lined with well-known (& boring) high street giants like French Connection, L.K.Bennett, Oasis..,etc. You get the picture?
However, there is a gem hidden behind the shopping centre.
May I present SKOOB, the secondhand book store.


Until one day a stall holder gave me the direction, I was completely unaware of this Aladdin’s Cave…


Contrary to their deceptively understated entrance, a basement shop floor is large and overflowing with used books…


I am one of those who moan the demise of secondhand book trades on Charling Cross Road. There used be a book store like SKOOB all over Central London when I started to live in the city two decades ago.
Hardcovers or paperbacks, sometimes they were strewn across the shop floors like a heap of bricks. A musty odour of old book stroke my nostril every time I turned the pages and I pondered “Is this book too smelly to take it home?”. Sounds like a light year ago, doesn’t it?

I parted my £3.00 for this…


I read one of his publications when I was writing an essay at my Alma Mater, UCL.
It brought back good (& hard) old memories of there & then. His writing was so profound and I had to read every sentence over and over. And it used to send me to sleep in no time.
Let’s see if still sends me to sleep…

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