Prince of Cambridge

Welcome to the world!
Kate gave a birth to a healthy boy yesterday.
Hubbie and I had been speculating the gender of the baby. He reckoned it would be a girl while I thought it would be a boy. So I won the bet!!
I can’t wait for the moment when William & Kate emerge from the hospital with their baby.
Also, what name will he be given. I am guessing it may be “George”?
Oh please don’t keep us biting our nail too long!

The thunderstorm scared hell out of Mr.B last night.
He was trembling like a leaf every time thunderclap struck. I tried in vain to comfort him with cuddling & stroking. Despite of all my effort, Mr.B was transfixed with the commotion outside and kept me awake till the early hours. *YAWN*
I imagine Kate & William must have been up all night, busy feeding their newborn son.

Mr.B, crushing out on the rug, exhausted with the heat wave & a lack of sleep…


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