Hate To Be Cherry Picked

Yippee! I’ve got a front row seat in the upper deck!
With a panoramic view of London at hand, the journey by bus becomes so much more agreeable.
Even though it was around 5pm, the late afternoon sun was surprisingly zesty and scorching my bare thighs through the window shield…


The No.19 double decker  trundled through the West End traffic, heading towards Cambridge Circus…


A rickshaw on Shaftesbury Avenue.
I was behind one of those years ago. It was a rather slow and dusty journey. Not recommendable…


Just take a look how Piccadilly Circus was swamped by people!
Where do they all come from, I wonder…


How could I imagine that I would be a victim of pick-pocketing in a few hours time when I was taking the snap from the bus?
It’s a second time that my wallet was stolen at Piccadilly Circus!
It was done ever so professionally that I didn’t realise what happened on my wallet until I rampaged the inside of my Vanessa Bruno tote at Cafe Concerto on Piccadilly.
What’s happening ??? Where is my wallet???
I was out with a friend for dinner. We were enjoying dessert & chat.
We hurried back to the restaurant on Lower Regent Street to check if I left the wallet there.
Then, I encountered a guy on Jermyn Street.
He grinned at me knowingly when I walked past him. It was definitely not a friendly smile but more like sniggering…
At the restaurant, we didn’t find anything.
Crest fallen, we trudged back toward Piccadilly Circus. Then, I bumped into him again. What is he doing here? Loitering? The oddity really struck me.

I bade farewell to my friend and made my way to the police Station on Savile Row.
A bored looking clerk took my detail and handed me a slip of paper.
Then, I phoned my bank and Hubbie.
So that’s it then. Just like that.
I didn’t know what to think…

8 thoughts on “Hate To Be Cherry Picked

  1. I generally advise most visitors to London that sitting on the top front row of a double decker is the best experience you can have. Skip the HoHo buses that cost a fortune and experience London like a local with time on their hands. Great post.

  2. なんてこと!くやしーい!

    • Thank you for the comment. Now, my purse is secured with a wallet chain to the bag 24/7.
      Sitting in the front seat in the upper deck of London Doubledecker is alway a treat for me. I shall take some more whenever the opportunity arises.
      Have a lovely weekend! (^-^)

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