Alleged mini heat wave @ London

Pew, the summer is back in town!
A hot air drifts in from a window from the street side and slowly but surely, starts to raise a mercury in the thermometer.
I am caning myself to move my fingers, trying to concentrate on one row at the time. However, I can feel a veil of sweat forming on my forehead, and am feeling sluggish…


The Met office predicts that this heat wave will be short lived, lasting only for a day or two.
Oh, please stay! Stay until this Saturday at least.
Hubbie & I are invited to the picnic organised by our friends. And it will be super if we can share a lovely summery day like this with them…

About the lavender jacket I was working on, I finished it a few days ago.

Pondering where the pockets should be…


Once the position are decided, the pockets are secured with strings in a different colour…


Ta-dah! It’s done!


The collar can be wrapped around like a snood…


It can be secured with a kilt pin or even a hat pin…


How do you like it?
I have already started the second one with a gorgeous black & grey yarn while watching B+W films…


I am not the only one who is wilting in this heat…


Mr.B finds it too much to bear.
I don’t blame you. Your are in a fur coat 24/7…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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