Sleepless in London

The temperature in London has plunged dramatically today.
This morning, especially, it was worlds apart. Instead of putting on shorts, I ended up digging out a pair of sweat pants and put them on in a hurry.
What a difference a mere 6 hours made!
It was unbearable hot & humid last night. So we decided to leave a French door on the courtyard side open when we went to bed. Still, it was an airless night and we tossed & turned with discomfort.
Then, Mr.B got spooked by some noise outside.
He was transfixed to whatever he sensed. His breathing became very fast and his body started to tremble.
His eyes were wide open with fear. His attention was completely absorbed to something he was dreading.
Oh no, what’s wrong with you?!
The French door may be the source of his fear, we thought. So we closed it.
In order to combat the heat, we brought in a fan from the library.
However, the fan was a very old-fashioned one and so noisy! It sounded like a Spitfire taking off.
We’ve got to buy one of those hi-tech fans from Dyson, we nodded tiredly in the dark..
Anyway, it was a hellish night…

It went without saying that everyone was like a zombie this morning.
Mr.B crushed out on his day bed, snoring time to time while I struggled on with my knitting in order to catch up with the loss I clocked up yesterday.


And Mr.B, snoring away…


I wish if I could cuddle up to you and sleep too…*SIGH*

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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